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Trend of the Season: Reasons to Try Cold Water Swimming

Close your eyes and think about a sensational moment – I bet swimming in a cold water isn’t the first mental image you picture in front of you. However, Cold water swimming (also known as ice-swimming and winter swimming) has become quite a trend in the past couple of years, especially during winter. Let me explain why it’s definitely worth trying.

1. Something to do with friends

Want a new hobby and include your friends? Cold water swimming is a great choice! It’s a brilliant way to socialise. Last year, when a good friend of mine still lived in Finland, we used to go ice swimming together. We would cheer and boost each other and applaud whenever we succeeded to stay even a bit further in the water. Afterwards, we would grab a coffee or a hot cocoa and contemplate and amaze the incredible feeling cold water swimming brings you. It’s also a great way to make new friends since the community among cold water swimmers is exceptional!

Ice-Ice Bay-Bee
Original photo by Anna Tam

2. A natural high

Speaking of the exquisite feeling afterwards, cold water swimming most definitely activates endorphins, the chemicals produced in the brain which make us feel good and relieve stress and pain. It’s also a great form of exercise which helps amazingly, for instance, to treat depression. The magic in cold water swimming is the fact that it actually brings us closer to the pain barrier, and endorphins are released when we’re physically in pain to help us cope.

3. Stress relief

Cold water swimming places stress on the body both mentally and physically. Many studies have proved that there is a link between stress reduction and stress. The physical activity in question is also a great form of meditation. Just get in the water and forget everything else, including the fact that it’s ice cold.

4. Treat yourself

Not only do you take care of your well-being by getting in the water but you also win yourself every time which is actually the best feeling. You connect with your mind and your body in an indescribable way which is the best gift you can possibly give yourself.

Don’t be shy. Get in there. Just remember to breathe. Next week, we’re going to continue with the topic and have a look at some important and essential safety considerations. Stay tuned.

Kukka Raejärvi

Helsinki '23

English major and an aspiring activist who mostly chills with her dogs or reads books.
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