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Non-Invasive Treatments: 3 Skincare Gadgets That Every Woman Should Have

Everything you need to know about jade rollers, derma rollers and gua sha.

The Asian skincare ritual has come to the western world with women finally giving skincare the attention it needs. If you are a regular Instagram user, you must have noticed that beauty enthusiasts are increasingly incorporating skincare gadgets into their beauty routine. Beauty tools are no longer a luxury for the few, but a must-have for all women looking for non-invasive treatments that will give them firm and youthful skin. Here are the most popular:


Jade Roller

The roller is a beauty tool usually made of jade or other gemstones such as pink quartz, and it is used for facial massage. Jade rollers have been a must in the Chinese skincare routine since the 7th century, with Asian women swearing by their beneficial properties. A massage with this tool increases blood circulation, reduces swelling, and helps the skin to better absorb the products.

One side is usually larger which is used for cheeks, jaw and forehead, while the other smaller end is for around the eyes to reduce dark circles. But its miraculous benefits do not stop there. Systematic facial massage can help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and achieve a brighter and more radiant complexion.

How to:

  1. Gently massage on clean skin, starting from the chin and moving up to the ears.
  2. Continue by starting from the nose and moving back to the ears, then proceed to the forehead in the direction of the hairline.
  1. Do not forget to massage the small side in the area around the eyes.


Derma Roller

Its name may be similar to that of the previous tool, but they have a significant difference. The derma roller consists of hundreds of tiny needles which, during the facial massage, cause micro-injuries to the skin that enhances the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in a firmer and younger look. It is ideal for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliating the skin and reducing the appearance of acne scars and discoloration.

How to:

On clean skin, roll the derma roller all over the face with an upward course by applying gentle pressure.


Gua sha

This is a beauty tool made of crystal, which also comes from ancient Chinese medicine. The tool is pressed lightly on the skin to increase blood circulation in the blood vessels, and thus, the skin looks more radiant and healthier. It also helps the skin to better absorb the products.

How to:

Hold it with the curved side towards the face. Slide it upwards several times by starting from the neck, and gradually move it to the chin and around the mouth. Then continue towards the cheeks, the area around the eyes, and the forehead, keeping the upward direction.

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