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Late Summer Sweetness for Autumn – A Delicious Berry Pie


The most delicious pies I grew up with were blueberry, rhubarb, raspberry and apple pies. I found out later that my mother’s secret was using the same dough but just with a different filling every season. Trust me, this pie is tart but sweet and will melt in your mouth and leaves you wanting a piece after another. The dough is the key to success with this pie and the best thing is that even if it’s a little raw it is still delicious. This recipe is simple and fast to do and takes you back to sweet summer times. 


What to do:

Take the butter into room temperature well before baking to ensure that it is soft enough for mixing. As you begin baking, start by putting your oven at 200°C.


150 g butter

1 dl sugar

3 dl flour 

1 tea spoon of baking powder


Cover the cake mold with baking paper or butter the mold slightly from edges and bottom. Mix all the ingredients well together and press to cake mold or preferably pie mold.



Choose by season: 0,5 L of rhubarb/ berry mix/ sliced apples/ raspberries/ blueberries.

200 g Nordic sour cream (Finnish kermaviili)

1 egg

1-2 tea spoons of vanilla sugar

1 dl sugar

Mix the ingredients together and spread on top of the dough, then bake for approximately 30 minutes. Serve with vanilla sauce, ice cream or whipped cream.

Extra: To twist it up you can put some cardamom to blueberry filling and cinnamon to apple filling.

Enjoy! ;)




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