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How to Make Moving Stress-Free

Moving is always stressful! Trying to keep everything organized, it might feel like we start losing our mind in the process. But is it so because we do it wrong? My own quite recent experience with moving has taught me that the process can be managed if following these five basic tips.

Pack beforehand

Trust me, packing your stuff the night before moving may turn out to be a nightmare. Not only because it is super stressful but also because doing that in a rush, you may end up forgetting certain things you will really need in your future place. To overcome this issue and save your nerves, start off by packing your belongings one or two weeks in advance. I am sure you would be amazed to see that the whole move-out situation is not that hectic after all.  

Check good moving companies

Whether you decide to go with a moving company or find a freelance driver, make sure the driver you choose is reliable to transfer valuable things, the transferring time, price and payment methods are discussed, and you book a car beforehand. To find a good moving service, ask your friends around for recommendations or google the feedback about each moving company on the Internet. Do a proper research and pick the one that fits your expectations.     

Prepare your first night box

As you probably won’t be able to unpack all the boxes at once and find the essential things that easy, preparing your first night box would be a necessity. Take a separate box, mark it as “First night box” and make sure you put there all the essentials you will need during the first night at your new place. These are usually such things as:

  • Simple food (for at least two meals)

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Toilet paper

  • Towels

  • Lightbulbs

  • Clothes to change

  • Beddings

  • Router

  • Phone, laptop, charges etc.  

Order all the services in advance

Moving in and not having an electrical contact, an internet service available or a cable TV set up may feel like a big problem. Take care of all this in advance, or if you already have certain subscriptions and you know the services will work at your new place, just change the address and you are good to go.

Conduct a final inspection

Save your last day to go over all the shelves, drawers and cabinets. Since everything is already packed, it will be easier to notice things kept somewhere in the farthest places. Once again, no rush and the final inspection will ensure that you have not forgotten anything important. So, do not neglect it.   


Helsinki-based, Anna is an MA graduate in English Philology, an inspirational corporate English trainer at goFluent professional training language school, and a former Campus Correspondent/writer/social media manager at HC Helsinki. When Anna is not teaching and running her language blog @annalina.eng , she can usually be found practicing chillout Hatha yoga and dancing energetic Zumba. 
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