Drink It or Spoon It: the Revolution of Smoothie Bowls

It feels like after mindfulness started trending and balancing people's mental worlds in 2015, it was time in the years 2016 and 2017 for our stomach to follow with the help of the rise of healthy cafes in Helsinki. By this I don't only mean cafes that offer raw or gluten free cakes but cafes that have fresh new menus of light and healthy food options with the purpose of nourishing not only bodies but minds, too. I went on a quest to find them in Helsinki and see what these cafes have to offer. 


I was happy to face my first health cafe called Healthinki in Eira where the trending item in the menu seemed to be a smoothie bowl. As an 25-year-old woman swearing on and off by the healthy lifestyle, I have made my fair share of smoothies for a breakfast, snack or after workout recovery drinks, so I was very curious to try the smoothie that not only looked beautifully delicious and Instagramable but came in a bowl. In the summer 2016 Healthinki opened its doors at Tehtaankatu 13 (you will recognize the place from an avocado logo) where they serve breakfast and lunch, which are the main focus of this cafe. You can have an avocado toast, eggs, soup of the day, smoothies and of course smoothie bowls.

The brand lives up to its name. The idea behind the cafe is based on building your mind and body with healthy nutrient foods. The smoothie bowls are 100% vegan, have no added sugar and are made with Finnish berries with a hint of licorice root and nut and seed toppings that are not only beautiful but give extra richness to the berry flavor. Even though the tart flavor of the berries and licorice might not be to everyone's taste and the texture of the smoothie is very liquid (I missed a little chunkiness to spoon, to be honest) these bowls leave you with a fresh feeling and light mind.


In the heart of Helsinki, Kamppi shopping center introduces Date+Kale health cafe on the 5th floor, where I found another twist to a smoothie bowl. The cafe invites you in with light pastel colors and a long menu that offers food from breakfast, brunch to a late lunch, so take your time choosing what your heart desires. The idea of simple, healthy, wholesome, plant-rich and sustainable food is the foundation of this cafe, thought up by the two owners, Richard McCormick and Anna Kravi. 

"our bodies are our best lifestyle advisors. so remember to love + listen to them."


The smoothie bowl on the menu is gaining attention with the berry beet mixed smoothie that has bananas, beetroot, black currants, licorice root and organic oat milk in it, so this dish has quite the flavor boost. Comparing to the first smoothie bowl, Date+ Kale's has an overpowering taste of beetroot that can divide opinions, but the texture is richer thanks to the vegetable  and it's more filling. The hint of licorice and berries bring freshness to the dish. For a light lunch or breakfast this is the perfect smoothie bowl option to boost your day.  

”let's eat dreams.” -Date+Kale