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Did you break your New Year’s Resolution already? – No need to worry, here’s what you can still do to make it up!

Starting a new year usually comes with promises of something new and different, and it is not false to say that sometimes resolutions tend to help us face the new start with optimism and new energy. Very often, however, some find especially around mid-January that these resolutions do not last longer than a couple of weeks. Despite this, why is it actually more than OK to break your New Year’s Resolutions already during the first few weeks?


For many, the overall idea of New Year’s Resolutions is to provide something motivating and “new” that gives hope for people struggling with something. As we know, a resolution can then be about almost anything, often orientating towards positive things, and they reflect the previous times in aiming to make the new year at least a bit better. 

Making New Year’s Resolutions is always a great way to start a year, but on top of the new energy the resolutions bring, they can also make you feel stressed and build up negative emotions on everything else. This usually leads to the outcome that many break their promises already after a few weeks. 

Why is making New Year’s Resolutions then a good idea if many tend to break them so soon? As said, making and keeping your resolutions gives you new perspectives to life and help decide what is really important. This can help some to see the negative parts that have always or recently bothered them in their everyday lives. 

The reason to breaking your resolutions already within a few weeks also tells a lot about the resolutions themselves: maybe the promises made to yourself were too difficult to keep and became unattainable; maybe you saw that they were not actually that big of a deal for you. Thinking about the reasons that led you to break your resolutions also shows that maybe, after all, they didn't match you perfectly. 

So, to make it up for breaking the made resolutions, what you can do is to consider what led to breaking them. There is still plenty of time left as 2021 is still beginning, so this is a perfect moment to adjust your resolutions and start again!

Hello! I am a language enthusiast studying at the Helsinki university. In my writings, I always try to use current topics, and I especially enjoy writing about DIY and crafts ideas!
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