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7 Reading Week Essentials You Need for the Best Break Ever!

Reading week is upon us and here are our tips for what you need to make your break the best ever! Few simple things will get you a long way and improve your state of mind quickly. So, let’s all get ready for one more period of school before we’re off for our summer breaks!

1. Sunglasses:

Have you noticed – the sun is shining again?! We’re finally over the cold winter and preparing for warmer weathers and sunnier skies. Which is exactly why it’s time to whip out those sunnies again! The Her Campus sunglasses are super cute and we’re going to be rocking them every time we step out.

2. Coffee:

It doesn’t matter what time of the day, week, or year it is – we always need our caffeine. Luckily with these Her Campus koozies we can make sure the coffee doesn’t burn our hands.

3. Music:

Music will help you relax and it’ll take your mind off of school work during your vacation time. Get your boogie on and bust out some moves in the privacy of your bedroom or out at a club with friends!

4. Books:

It’s called reading week for a reason…but don’t fret – we’re not saying you have to keep your nose stuck to a school book all week long. Here are a few of our suggestions for a fun, non-academic read:

 – Simon & Schuster‘s Gallery Books has come out with Taylor Bell’s must-read novel Dirty Rush, which tells you everything about the nasty, hilarious, strange Greek life, that turned her world upside down. Bitches, booze, sex…this book has it all. What could be a better and more fun read for the vacation?

 – Shane Kuhn’s The Intern’s Handbook (about to be made into a movie, starring James Franco!) stars John Lago who is New York City’s most successful hit man by night, and an intern at a prestigious Manhattan law firm by day. Part confessional, part DIY manual, the novel chronicles John’s toughest job yet: killing a law partner who is also the target of an FBI takedown. You’ll definitely get all the excitement you can handle reading this on your break!

 – Her Campus is also coming out with its own book. The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life has everything you have to know about mastering college, and having a total blast! Unfortunately, it’s not out yet, but you can pre-order it HERE.

5. New office supplies:

If you’re actually going to study, why not get new exciting office supplies while getting ready for the last teaching period of the year to start? I know these new pink Her Campus pens will brighten our note-taking!

6. Cats:

Cats make everything better – it’s a well-known fact. So, find a friend who owns a cat or cuddle your own pets, because it’s a guaranteed way to improve your mood (that’s why there’s pet therapy).

Here’s the furry one that keeps me happy:

7. Healthy Snacks:

Don’t stuff your face with chocolate this time, but rather opt for a green smoothie or a raisin-peanut mix. Your body will thank you and you’ll feel more energized. Now that spring is heading our way, we can start exercising outside and enjoying healthy fruits and berries as snacks.


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