University of Hawaii Renovations

Take a look around campus, you’ll see bulldozers, drills, and construction crews “working” on the multi-million dollar campus renovations. Below are three projects that are going to help boost the overall look and cool factor of campus. 


Information Technology Center

The giant, new building on Correa road next to the Physical Science building semester is the outcome of a much needed $42 million dollar information technology project. This is the unsung hero of campus renovations, but you wouldn’t think that of an IT center. This six story building houses all of the data and other information systems infrastructure for the entire campus in one energy-efficient area to better serve UH. This means faster computers, servers, and Internet. Also, the 74,000 square foot building contains UH’s first emergency situation room equipped with state-of-the-art technology to keep this campus running in case of disaster.

Campus Center

I don’t think any student has managed to completely avoid Campus Center, so it's safe to assume we've all noticed the large construction going on while trying to catch a glimpse between the fences to see if anybody actually works back there. We've been told it'd be ready in the next few semesters for the past four years, but we'll have to see it to believe it. We can hope though, right? After all, the $46 million project is being done to directly benefit the student body. Post-renovation, the new CC will have a 2 story recreational center with an indoor track, gymnasium, fitness studio, and new equipment for weight and cardio training. The fitness center will also have locker rooms and showers available.


Edmondson Hall

No doubt, if you’re a Biology major, the new Edmondson Hall has probably caught your eye. And when registering for classes and labs this spring, you’re going to look for classes being held here. The 51-year-old building has been renovated and brought to meet this century’s requirements. After spending $15 million, EH comes with brand new laboratories, classrooms, and offices. They also have the newest equipment to help revamp the labs and curriculum.  The classrooms have been designed for smaller section sizes too, in order to make your lab experience better. Finally, Bio students, you have a place to call your own.