Recipe to P*s**ng You Off

I love poetry. I love putting my feelings into poetry so I wrote this poem that I am sure so many people can relate to. 

This is for my creative writing class where we write about food so I put my feelings into a recipe form of poetry. Enjoy!


Recipe to P*s**ng You Off


2 hearts

2 opinions 

1 immature person

1 competent person

1 pair of car keys 

1 bag of clothes 



Start by joining your soul, personality, and similarities together

Marinate in that gooshy, honeymoon stage feeling and really let it sink in

Let it sit and take in the feeling before you cook it 

Take your happiness to a new pan 

Add in a dash of your opinion then watch it burn 

Take a step back and let it do the dirty work

Take the knife from your back and chop the onions

Wipe the tears from your eyes that the darn “sweet” onion caused

Take out a box of patience and start to boil water  

Watch the water boil with your patience sitting inside; the boiling is doing the work

  • If the water begins to boil over then grab a pair of car keys and a bag of clothes and use them to dissipate 

Add another dash of your opinion and self-respect to top it off because that’s all it takes.

To clean it up, pour it down the sink and into the trash

right where it belongs

- Anna Campainha