How to Successfully Become a Morning Person

Go to bed at a decent hour.

Let’s face it, going to bed in college before midnight seems nearly impossible, but it's not! You just have to plan accordingly and actually get all of your studying and homework done at a reasonable hour. I know, I know, that means less Netflix and social media breaks, but trust me, you won’t be upset about it when you wake up feeling like an angel rather than a troll. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep is essential for most of us, and although somedays may be harder than others to achieve that 8 hours, always aim for it. There is no better feeling than waking up feeling like you had enough sleep and you are ready to conquer the day. If you there is no way you can get enough sleep because you have a big exam or have to go to school and work, give yourself a 10-15-minute break throughout the day to take a powernap. Then when you wake up, you have something to look forward to. Trust me, it makes it a lot easier to wake up when you know you have a nap in your future.


Give yourself enough time to take your time.

It is not fun to have to wake up and then rush to get ready. So instead of setting your alarm for right before you have to leave, give yourself an extra 10 minutes. This way, you can take your time getting ready. When you are able to take your time getting ready, you will feel more relaxed and it sets you up for a good day. Constricting yourself on time is setting you up for failure, because what if you don’t like your outfit that day? Now you are going to be late because you have to change, and this is stuff you didn’t plan for. More time equals a more relaxing morning.


Don’t hit snooze.

I know, I know, it is hard. Those five minutes can feel like a good hour after hitting your snooze button, but what you are really doing is making it physically harder for your body to get out of bed. When you hit your snooze, and fall back asleep, you are making yourself more tired. Now imagine doing that five times. You are making a grumpy gal, even more grumpy. When you wake up, you are ready to get up. You may not feel like it because you are still laying down in bed, but trust me, the second you get out of bed, you will feel so refreshed and glad you did not hit that snooze button.


Wash your face.

Washing your face is so important to being happy in the morning. You know that groggy feeling you feel when you just wake up? Well the second you wash your face, BAM, it is gone. It really feels like one of those skin care commercials where they splash the water all over the face and all of a sudden, their face is all bright and beautiful, that could be you… if you actually woke up before 12.


Eat breakfast.

This is self-explanatory. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when you eat it, it makes you happy! Even if you eat just an apple or something small, I PROMISE you will have the most amazing day of your life. You won’t be hangry when you start your day, which would probably make everyone not like you because you will be a hangry troll rather than a full angel.


Think positive thoughts.

When most people wake up in the morning, they think “I hate the world.” But in order to be a happy in the morning person, you have to wake up with positive thoughts. Leave all your negative thoughts in the previous day and keep moving forward. Everyone can be ray of sunshine when they wake up. You just have to be willing to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and a positive attitude to get you through the day.