Campus Cutie: Alohalani Lindsey

Have you seen this cutie before? She may have been on the team of people making sure you're in good shape at the clinic on campus. This diverse beauty's fun spirit left me wanting to talk to her for hours on end-she's a perfect candidate for this week's Campus Cutie. The Kamehameha graduate loves to explore the island and continue to live life to the fullest.  I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HER!

Name: Aloha Lindsey

Hometown: Kapolei, Oahu

Major: Public Health

Twin: Pocahontas? 

Ethnicity:Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Scottish, English and Norwegian

Relationship Status: Single and looking for a BAE

What do you hope to do with your degree? Become a Public Health nuse.

Favorite memory at UH: Dorming in Hale Lokelani on the 8th floor my freshmen year! It's how I met all of my new friends I have now.

What are your summer plans? I'm going to work at the clinic this summer! But when I have days off I want to go camping and go to the beach. Find me on the west side;)

Describe your dream date: Bae and I would build a bonfire on the beach-and then watch the sunset because they are my favorite!

How would you spend three wishes? 1.Travel the world, 2. Free tuition lol 3. I'll save it for when I know what I want!



Makeup:Too Faced


Musician: Ed Sheeran


Drink:Iced Tea