The Best Fitness Failures to Brighten Your Day

Honestly, when I go to the gym, there are some people that I can’t help but try to restrain my laughter when I look at them. I’m talking about the people who are hanging upside down while using the cable machines or are doing overly sexual movements. Like come on, you know if you’re thrusting into the machine that’s meant for your quads, people are gonna look, bro. But, it’s been a long week and so I thought I’d share some of the things that help me de-stress, like watching videos of people doing stupid sh*t.


This one is “When you don’t wanna study so you do literally anything else ”


“When you think you’re taking two steps forward in life and then”


“When he says that he likes dogs”


“When he says he likes a girl who can workout”


“When you're cruisin' through life and then school starts”