8 Thoughts Everyone Has During Registration

1. Meeting with your advisor and figuring out the classes you should take.

2.  Checking the semester schedule only to realize two of the classes you need are being offered only once and at the same time.

3. Noticing one of your classes has been removed from the schedule altogether.

4. Having to redesign your entire 4 year plan because nothing is available.

5. Going to bed the night before your registration, hoping your classes will still be available when you wake up.

6. Watching the number of seats rapidly disappear as you wait for your registration time. 

7. One minute before your registration time and seats are down to single digits 

8. Clicking "Submit Classes" and then seeing you got in to all the classes 

Registration is a tough time for everyone. Stay strong and positive. And have back up plans for your back up plans because classes will be taken down at the last minute, seats will be taken, and waitlists will be filled. Good luck!