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8 Signs You’re Losing the War on Midterms

It feels like once these midterms start they just won’t stop. Think they might be getting the best of you? Here are some signs to look out for!

1. Your study sessions are no longer productive at all.

2. Eating your feelings is the primary strategy for managing stress

3. You’ve adjusted your standards significantly on what constitutes a good night sleep.

4. In fact, your sleep schedule is more like a series of naps at odd hours of the day.

5. The quality of your study guides has deteriorated.

First midterm:


6. The life of your GPA hangs on a tiny thread that is “The Curve”

7.  You’ve become numb to bombing an exam


8. And mentally block the traumatizing experience with a Netflix marathon 

Are you fighting a losing battle? Stay strong and power through! We’re more than halfway through the semester and check out some of our tips for studying and being productive!

Rachel is a senior studying Business Management at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She treads the fine line of busy colliegette and overwhelmed stress ball. She enjoys running, hiking, and being outdoors, but willing to trade that in for a day of netflix and intermittent naps.
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