7 Feelings About Returning for Second Semester: Hawaii Edition

1. Getting to trade your snow boots and pants for flip-flops and swimsuits.

2. A little homesickness from having to say goodbye to the ones you love back home. Look on the bright side though; second semester is the shorter semester, so you’ll be home in no time!

3. Sadness (if you live in a dorm where communal bathrooms are a thing)  that you won't have any water pressure and need to reacquaint yourselves with shower shoes.

4. Enjoying being let out somewhat early from your classes during syllabus week (hello beach day!)

5. …and then realizing all of the sh*t you have to do once you get your syllabus.

6. Debating whether or not you should drop that one class. Taking 18 credits sounded like a better idea theoretically.

7. Feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new semester.

New classes, new me! Here’s to more prioritizing, less procrastination, and better time management skills!