5 Easy Tips to Start Spring Semester Off Strong

Happy 2018! It’s only a few days into the new school year and you still have time to start strong! Syllabus week has come and gone and you still haven't started studying. It’s not too late to have a successful semester, use these 5 tips and turn them to habits as you kick butt this semester!

1. Use your agenda/planner to get organized. If you don’t have one yet, I suggest you use go buy one! Target always has ~super~ cute agendas; head there or just stop by the bookstore to pick one up! Write all of your exam dates, meetings, and any other due dates so you know what's going on in your future!

2. Print all of your course syllabuses, or at least have them saved in a file on your computer! It is nice to be able to easily access these during the semester for references about your class!

3. If you haven't already, pick up your UPASS for Da Bus! Even if you rarely ride the bus, it is paid for in your tuition and you might find it useful one day!

4. Keep to any of the New Year’s resolutions you made! Whether it was to be healthy, go to the gym, or get more sleep, you probably made some good resolutions to better yourself this year! When you keep these resolutions, or even set new goals for yourself, it will help you be more consistent with other things in your life like school work!

5. Have a well rounded schedule! Catch up with your friends or make new friends to let loose! Hit Sinclair or Hamilton early to keep good studying habits. Head to the beach or on a hike during the weekends. Make sure you have time for everything you NEED to do and everything you WANT to do!

You just got back from break and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to jump back into life here at school. Make sure you are making the right decisions and have the best semester as possible! Remember that you are great and don’t let the stress of those future exams keep you down! Have a great semester, I believe in you!