10 Things You Should Thank Your Parents For

1. Scheduling our doctor's appointments for us (even though we're well over the age of 14). 

2. Reminding you to always say 'please' and 'thank you'; yes, especially when someone holds a door open for you. 

3. Telling you that ‘you're the most beautiful person in the world’, even though that’s highly unlikely.

4. Sending that 'good morning' text after a long night of studying.

5. Reminding you to use the restroom before you leave, because you know you are going to regret not going when you get to the tailgate.

6. Telling you ‘don’t stay up too late’ because we all know our bodies are going to fail us before we realize it.

7. Not disowning you when you were a teenager and complained about, EVERYTHING.

8. For not using a condom, otherwise your fabulousness wouldn't be here.

9. Buying you all those clothes you convinced them you absolutely needed, and then never saw again.

10. Finally, whether they were a big part of your life or not, for making you want to be the best person you could possibly be.

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