Advice You Needed Yesterday (A Poem of Sorts)

never pay more than five bucks for lunch

there’s always somebody more tired than you

don’t sample anything but vinyl, trust me its not the same

being a dick to girls won’t help to get you laid, well, maybe a little bit but with shades of grey

don’t shave your legs in a hurry

don’t be so afraid of change

tell the people that you love that you love them

make music like nobody will hear it

if you’re ever at a wedding and the dance floor is empty, dance hard motherfucker, be fearless

don’t play video games in public

never take shots at people in private

don’t hate your favorite band for selling out arenas even though the club shows are the livest

remember people's names when you meet

Nas was the best MC he just picked shitty beats

a driver’s license is a man's most important possession,

and a knife is a woman’s

be confident in everything you write

it’s not always smart to walk away from a fight

fuck an early bird, all the best shit happens at night

what you don’t say says the most about you as a person

being crazy is okay so long as it doesn’t hurt yourself or others

never drink until you are unaffected

don’t think you’re a rebel for smoking some weed

someone once told me I wouldn’t know the feeling til' it happened and I was scared but I see that it’s true

don’t smoke cigarettes

be nice to your mother

I’ll be here as long as I may

the rest is on you

hey, you’re gonna be alright


broke is ok, money’s way overrated, 

and the strangest fucking weirdos are the nicest

rule #1 trust your gut no matter what

rule #2 the best slang and the best style are timeless

don’t say something if you don’t believe it

don’t believe something just because you hear it

if it’s important, write it down

no matter how upset the motherfuckers on the train make you feel don’t ever let them break your spirit

your folks are alright you might not notice til' you're older

when you do, you’ll recognize the traits they passed down

don’t worry about what the world expects of you

put on some real shit

try not to puke where someone else will have to clean it, they’re charging for that in cabs now

don’t ever feel like you've gotta be part of the dog pack

no one knows more than those who’ve seen the bottom and clawed back

nothing on the internet counts as human contact

living in New York City doesn't make you a better person

neither does being atheist or vegan

you can be a saint you matter who you pray to

and you can be an asshole no matter what you’re eating

put your own well-being first, it doesn’t mean that you’re selfish

if you find cash on the ground it’s fair game, don’t feel guilty

always take a second to breathe, man

I could write a million stories about how to live your life but you can tell them better than I can

hey, we’re gonna be alright