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Postmates for Birth Control: Why We Love Nurx

Like many women, I struggled for a long time to find out what birth control method was the best for me. The pill? An IUD? The shot? Good-old-fashioned condoms? The choice was more overwhelming than choosing what to put on a Sweetgreen salad! In the end, I chose the pill, because if i wanted to quit, it would be easier to end that treatment than an IUD or a shot. But even once I had narrowed it down to what type of birth control I would take, I still had to decide which brand of pill I was best for me. Luckily, I found a company that made my decision a whole lot easier: Nurx. 


Nurx is more than just an online birth control provider. The company also offers individualized attention and advice from medical doctors who can inform you of the best brand of birth control for your needs and preferences. 


Buying birth control through Nurx is simple: 

  1. Choose your preferred brand or, if you’re new to birth control like me, answer a short questionnaire about your birth control preferences. 
  2. Enter your insurance or payment information and shipping address.
  3. A doctor, who is in constant communication with you, will review your case and then contact a pharmacy near you to fill the prescription. 
  4. In 3-5 business days, you’ll receive a 3 month supply of birth control right at your door! No shipping cost whatsoever.


Before finding Nurx, I was nervous about having to meet with a doctor to talk about something as personal as my sexual health. I was also worried about the cost, since I didn’t want the purchase to appear on my parents’ insurance, and consequently had to pay out of pocket. Then with Nurx, all of my fears melted away. It was such a safe, comfortable, and convenient experience that I would recommend delivery birth control to anyone on the pill! 


Nurx isn’t alone; there are other companies who provide similar services, like PRJKT RUBY, The Pill Club, and PillPack. All of these companies vary in price and some differ in the exact services they provide, but I encourage you to do some research and find whatever option works best for you!


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