Post-Halloween Predicament: What to Do with All Your Candy

Whether you trick-or-treated (not judging at all) or bought all the candy on sale, it’s after Halloween, and you’re caught in a tough predicament about what to do with your mounds of sugar. You basically have three choices: eat all your candy in an abbreviated amount of time, which you will regret severely; stash your candy and eat it slowly over time, which requires self-control most don’t have; or do something creative with your candy to make even more desserts and displace the burden on sweet- toothed friends. I’m a proponent for the latter, so here are some ideas (that all involve chocolate only, sorry).

  •   Smash all your chocolate-containing goodies and top it onto ice cream. Shamelessly walk into your dining hall with pre-crushed chocolate; serve yourself some soft-serve; dump the chocolate on top; enjoy!

  •   Make a tasty, sugary trail mix out of the M&Ms.

  •   Eat your chocolates with strong, black coffee. The mega-sweet chocolate and bitter chocolate

    will cancel out for a yummy combination. If you haven’t learned to drink black coffee, this is still

    a great combo if the coffee has cream, sugar, or both.

  •   Do some special stashing. Spread your candy out because you know the saying: out of sight, out

    of mind. Put it in random places where it won’t melt or get torn apart by critters. It’ll be like

    little gifts to yourself.

  •   Give it away to other people! Who said you had to eat it all? There’s always someone who could

    use a pick-me-up. Make a little gift bag for someone as a random act of kindness with some of

    your candy sprinkled in. Two birds with one stone... just saying.

  •   Make chocolate chip cookies, but replace chocolate chips (or not) with M&Ms.

  •   Make special brownies! Pour half of the batter into the pan; add a layer of chocolates, like Kit

    Kats; and pour the rest of the batter on top. World changed.