Obviously, Gen-Ed Stands for Guess Everyone Needs Enrollment Distress

Why else would we have to wait until the end of Shopping Week to find out whether we got into that GenEd we wanted? Why else would we have to stress about the lottery?

I know a few people for whom the majority of the classes they were hoping to get into were GenEds. Yes, the GenEd system has been revamped. Again. But that doesn’t make it any less inconvenient. In fact, one of the Gen-Eds I shopped didn’t even have its first meeting until the enrollment deadline. How are students supposed to schedule all of their courses, sections, labs, extracurriculars, (and social life, if you’re like me and have literally no time for anything), if there is such a delay in figuring out if you made it into your desired course?

But wait, it gets better. Even more Gen-Ed courses this year were lotteried, meaning you have to wait and hope you get the lucky spot. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. (Imagine not getting into a class with a lottery capacity of 900 students. Yep, that happened for a lot of people this year.)

But it’s over, for now, I suppose. Until the spring. Let’s hope the lords of the lottery are nicer next semester.