Meet the Editors!

Hey Harvard!

We hope your year is off to an awesome start. Here at Her Campus, we’ve definitely enjoyed getting back into the rhythm of school and of course, starting to write for HC again. As our favorite parts of the fall semester — leaves and perfect weather and sweatshirts and long, late dinners with friends — rapidly approach, we wanted to pause for a moment and introduce ourselves.


So hi! We’re Vanessa Lopez (Class of 2019, Adams) and Gianna Cacciatore (Class of 2017, Adams) and we’re the two editors of Her Campus Harvard for the semester. We’re the ones behind the scenes, bringing you great procrastination material, insider tips about campus, and honest opinions from Harvard women just like you. We can’t wait for you to find yourself addicted to reading Her Campus Harvard this semester (that totally happens right?). In the meantime, to kick off your addiction, here’s a little taste of who we are:

Top: Vanessa, looking gorgeous & professional; bottom, Gianna squinting and shoving bread in her mouth (she seriously thinks this is her best individual photo)



Gianna: Gianna Caterina Cacciatore, pronounced like Jah-na . . . it’s a little tricky, but I promise it’s not actually Gee-Anna. A lot of people also call me G.

Vanessa: Vanessa Elena Lopez, referred to sometimes as Nessa, not to be confused with Nessie because I’m no lochness monster.



G: English and WGS (Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality) joint. I’m currently combining those two concentrations into one thesis about medieval feminisms, and if you don’t know what that is you should totally come talk to me and find out.

V: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I know, it’s a mouthful to say and surprisingly hard to explain to people as well. I haven’t declared YET, but I’m more than sure this will be my concentration.


Activities on Campus

G: Well I write for & LOVE Her Campus Harvard (duh), but I also direct BRYE Tutoring through PBHA, am one of the social chairs on Adams House Committee (they call me the Carpe Czar), and climb mountains sometimes with the Outing Club.

V: When I’m not hunched over my laptop writing and uploading articles at midnight, I’m super involved with the Latinx community here at Harvard, specifically with Latinas Unidas. I am also a mentor with the Science Club for Girls and a tour guide for the Hahvahd Tour.


Coolest Classes We’ve Taken At Harvard

G: That’s a tough one. It’s a toss up between USW 35 (American K-12 Education) or this neat creative writing class I’m in now offered through WGS. Although I did randomly really like Social Studies 10a, which I know is kind of weird but hey . . .

V: Being only a sophomore, I don’t have a large pool of classes to choose from, but I very much enjoyed my USW 11 (U.S. Health Care Policy) class last semester. I’m also super excited about taking SCRB 10 this semester and getting to learn all about stem cells.


Coolest Place on Harvard’s Campus

G: Hands down my fourth floor balcony (perks of senior housing). It has a gorgeous view of Bow Street and of St. Paul’s. Also, I feel a lot like a Princess when I sit out there reading.

V: The Adams House Library is where you can find me slaving over Organic Chemistry. As sad as that sounds, the inside looks like something straight out of the 1700s and I’m very pleased with its aesthetic.


Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo?

G: So I lowkey heard Garoppolo's a dick, but he has been my phone background for about a year . . . I’m going to stick with Tommy though, because loyalty is important and I’ve always loved him.

V: Are we talking about basketball…?


Why We Joined Her Campus Harvard

G: Because I love writing about everything and Her Campus lets me do that, no judgement. Also, I love how fun we are. So much fun.

V: Because I wanted a way to unleash my creativity that could be an escape from my intense pre-med schedule. I get to be a part of a great group of girls on campus that have at least one thing in common: we love to write about anything and everything!