Meet the CC's Part 1: Lupe

How did you first discover Her Campus?

I actually discovered Her Campus my senior year of high school! I was working on creating an online fashion magazine that was focused on diversity, and inclusion and I interviewed a bunch of women of color in college who were working in the fashion industry. One was a student from Barnard who had written for Her Campus before starting at Seventeen and Glamour. Months after my magazine was completed she was recruited by Vogue! She was (and still is) my idol, and I had to follow in her footsteps and join the second I got to college!

What is your favorite Her Campus article you have ever written?

WITHOUT A DOUBT it has to be Fall Trends According to Harvard Yard Tourists. Making it combined two of my favorite activities: (1) staring at strangers and (2) making style boards! I had the best time looking at all the trends I saw in the Yard. Honestly, the tourists are WAY MORE trendy than us students. 10/10 recommend looking to the tourists if you wanna see what's in style. There was SO MANY CULOTES that season!

More about you! WHO are you? What are you up to?

Haha. I'm a Libra, a life-long dancer, and definitely a cat person (sorry dogs. You cool too, but like, I'm into pets that don't lick my face, sorry). I am a Women, Gender, and Sexuality major, on the board of Harvard Sex Week, and a proud member of Harvard's Expressions Dance Company and Period Project. I was also recently a TinderU Ambassador, which was a fun experience! This semester my main focus is a tech startup I am working on with some classmates called HEARD, a conversation app for parents and kids! You will definitely be reading more about this project this semester as it develops!

With such a busy schedule, what do you do to unwind?

My big thing write now is playing the guitar. I started playing pretty recently to help with my PCS (post concussion syndrome), and it has become my new go-to! No matter if I am sad, tired, angry, stressed out, or whatever, pulling my guitar out and playing them jams gets me back on my feet and feeling my best. Besides that, I live that Vine (and now, cringly, Tik Tok) life, love ASMR YouTube videos, and as of last week am obsessed with Showtime's Billions. I started season 1, hoping to half-watch/listen while I worked to get to Asia Kate Dillon's recurring role starting season 2, but season 1 is!! so!! good!! After my concussion, I also got super into podcasts, my favorite being Whimsically Volatile, featuring my favorite human in history, Drag Race's Katya Zamo. 

What is one thing you take very seriously with yourself?

What a fun question, since I am a not very serious person at all. I'd have to say, besides trying to be BETTER, its what I put on and in me (stay with me). I struggled with acne for most of my tween and teen-hood, and as soon as it started to calm down I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. It is a condition that consists of flare ups on my face that occur whenever I do anything too harsh to my body. The solution has been eating cleaner, using only the most minimal and natural products on my face and body, and attempting to live as much of a minimalist lifestyle as possible. The result may or may not have been me going full tilt and shaving my head. But I also made some great friends on my journey to natural beauty, like president of luxury natural skincare company Dirma, Mary Lopez, who I was able to bring to Harvard as a Her Campus guest speaker this past semester!

Oh, and also my irrational fear of robots taking over. I take that VERY SERIOUSLY. DO NOT TRUST THE ROBOTS.

Guily pleasures?

  1. Vine
  2. The entire Twilight fanchise
  3. Manchego cheese on a toasted baguette with fig jam and arugula
  4. Anything rose scented
  5. The Simple Life (2003-2007)
  6. Denim puns
  7. Period dramas
  8. Buzzfeed quizes
  9. "What to heck ????" - Billy Ray Cyrus
  10. Tragic 80's love ballads
  11. Mascarading as an edgy teen while fully being a boring adult

Any goals for the future?

HA. No clue. Let me know if you have any suggestions.