Lotterying For a Class in 9 GIFS

Apparently almost every class has a lottery this semester?? And I, like you, have a lot of feelings about this.

  1. 1. You're having a great little time shopping the class you love!

  2. 2. Then suddenly, someone raises their hand and asks about the lottery

  3. 3. You jump on to My.Harvard and validate the class...

  4. 4. And they were right—LOTTERY

  5. 5. It gets worse too—CONCENTRATORS GET PRIORITY

  6. 6. You panic and fill out the professor's Google form and enter the lottery My.Harvard as soon as class ends

  7. 7. You spend the rest of the day panicking, thinking, "will I even get into any classes at all if EVERYTHING is a lottery"

  8. 8. You hear your phone buzz. It's an email from the professor...

  9. 9. "You're In!"

...or you don't.

Live Laugh Love Shopping Week :)