Let’s Talk Mental Health on Campus

So World Mental Health Day has just come and gone. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to step back and reflect on the importance of taking care of yourself. With anxiety, depression, and eating disorders increasingly present on college campuses, and suggestions of social media as a key instigator, it is super important to make sure you are taking stock and paying attention to your mental health.

Some simple questions you might ask yourself:

  • How much sleep are you getting?

  • When you open up social media, do you feel your mood change? Do you find that you’re comparing yourself and your life to others?

  • If you could describe your typical day with a few adjectives, what would they be?

  • Are you giving yourself time at some point in your day/week to unwind and de-stress?

If your answers to these questions seem disappointing, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. In fact, you’re in college! Of course you’re busy. Of course you’re stressed. But you can still take time for yourself. Think about what activities you enjoy doing.

Personally, I find I can easily unwind by dancing, painting, and taking a long walk while listening to a solid playlist. But those are just a few examples. Sometimes self care looks like going on a bike ride off campus, indulging at that local smoothie shop, talking with a counselor, or having a mini spa day. It looks different for everyone, and maybe different situations call for different methods. But regardless, please remember to take some time for yourself!

PS - a helpful tip: Sometimes all you need is to go off campus for a few hours. Not everyone can live in a bubble for an entire semester!