Detoxing with Functional Lemonades from Vimco Wellness

This is the first article in a series on wellness drinks and supplements. Follow along for the next few installments!

Founded by husband and wife team Reed and Laurel, Vimco Wellness is a new wellness drink company featuring functional lemonade drinks with valuable benefits. The duo, who met in college, started Vimco after suffering from the same autoimmune disease and realizing the profound impact that diet and lifestyle were able to have on their health. Not wanting to rely on pills, Reed and Laurel began learning about functional ingredients and incorporating them into a classic and familiar drink - lemonade.

Vimco’s first drink is Charcoal Lemonade, with activated charcoal as the key ingredient. One tablespoon of activated charcoal has a larger surface area than an entire football field, which allows it to spread out inside the digestive tract and bind to harmful toxins and gases before they are absorbed into the body. This process helps to decrease inflammation and aids in overall detoxification. Many of Vimco’s customers drink the Charcoal Lemonade after a night of indulgent eating or drinking, and have found that it helps them feel much better the next morning.


Reed and Laurel are most proud that their drinks still have the delicious flavor of lemonade. The activated charcoal will turn the drink black, but is both tasteless and odorless, and the lemonade itself is also sweetened with stevia so there are no added sugars.

In April, the company is planning on launching their next two products - Focus Lemonade and Probiotic Lemonade, two drinks that will not just enhance gut health but also the brain’s capabilities. Vimco hopes to be the leader in the functional lemonade space, with products that not only have delicious flavors but also lasting health benefits. Reed and Laurel are passionate about adding function to favorite drinks and helping customers incorporate beneficial ingredients into their everyday lives.


I tried the Charcoal Lemonade after a night of indulgent dinner and dessert. The lemonade comes in the form of a black powder, so I mixed a half teaspoon (the recommended serving size - a little goes a long way) into a disposable water bottle. The 5-calorie drink was refreshing and delicious flavor-wise. I imagined the little microscopic charcoal particles binding to the inflammatory ingredients like sugar and minimizing their damaging effect. And the next day, instead of feeling sluggish or bloated, I felt surprisingly energized.


Follow Vimco Wellness to stay updated on when their two new lemonades launch and try their Charcoal Lemonade, and we’re excited to report back when they do!