Computer Glasses For Every Personality

Computer glasses are the hot new thing these days. They filter out the UV rays that computer screens put out, a major cause for those headaches and eyestrains you may get from looking at a screen for too long. Some come with orange or yellow tints, to also work like night-shift on your phone, and others pass as ~normal~ glasses. Here are 15 Pairs to keep you in Lamont 24/7, for every lifestyle:

The Minimalist

Classic frame, nothing more to say. 4/5 stars on Amazon. $11.40 with Prime

The Co-op

They say "I'm cool. I'm different. I'm vegan". (note: I have no clue if these glasses are vegan or not. Is that even a thing?). 4/5 stars on Amazon. $19.80 with Prime

The Writer

The printed word of glasses. Classic. Unassuming. Edgy decision/ideological move? You tell me Gen Z I Tik Tok all my news. 4/5 stars on Amazon. $19.90 with Prime

The Poet

These individualist frames say "I'm not like other girls. I watch Hulu. I journal. I lived in Grays freshman year but I don't let that get to my head. Did I mention I only eat Tatte and live off campus?" 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. $25.95 free shipping included

The Cool Girl

The AirPods with a side of Juul of glasses. 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. $20.00 with Prime

The Sk8er Boi

*Kickflips off Lamont steps and into your heart* 4/5 stars on Amazon. $19.90 with Prime


The Basic Hipster

I thrift! You thrift! We all thrift for *in unison* MOM JEANS! 4.5/5 starts on Amazon. $10.00 with Prime

The Influencer

"She's kinda famous, you don't know her? I love her blunt, bronde, lob" 4/5 stars on Amazon. $22.99 with Prime

And that's it kids. Treat those dang eyes the best you can.