The Best Period Tracking Apps

Our periods have the tendency of creeping up on us, of pouncing on our panties with ruby red, of catching us off guard. Whether you mark the days you menstruate with red nail polish on a wall calendar or take pride in being taken by surprise, it is 2018, and we can do better. We can be better prepared for the infamous “shark week.”

Therefore, you should know that period apps are a thing. They track your cycle and symptoms, and then, they provide insights based on your data! Because you deserve the best of the best, here are some of the best apps out of the multitudes available.


1. Clue (FREE)

Clue’s user-friendly interface and sensible graphics bring it to the top. It not only lets you input your flow level and pain, but it lets you log your emotions, sleep, sex activity, cravings, and skin. All this data allows Clue to analyze the data you provide to share insights and give you some clue of when your next period is coming, when you’re fertile, and what your menstruation symptoms are. You can also share your data with someone else! Also, the female body is complex. Clue has an entire, effective section of the app dedicated to education on women’s health.

There’s another part where Clue takes the cake, though. Clue has a program called Clue Ambassadors that is a global community of women and others in the Clue community. This online community serves as a platform of support, inspiration, and still more.

P.S. Clue is really free. Like there’s nothing to buy even in the app.


2. Glow (FREE)

Glow tracks so much from your period to your mood to ovulation. With it’s user-friendly interface, plentiful colors, and graphics, it’s easy not only to use the app, but to want to use it. Beyond all that you can track and all the graphs Glow will show you based on your own data, Glow has an online community as well, where you can go for any type of advice.


3. Period Tracker Lite (FREE)

This app is simple and easy-to-use. Based on the data you enter, it will predict your next cycle and when you’re ovulating. It has various different inputs for symptoms and general actions, like intimacy, cramps, bodyaches, dizziness, and more.


4. Period Tracker by Monthly Cycles (FREE)

This app is for those who prefer a simpler interface. Although it allows lots of tracking of lots of different things and provides insights as most other apps do, it’s not as invested in its graphics nor is there an online community. Nonetheless, this app has a good algorithm for predicting the arrival of your cycle, and, while it’s not crazy good, its simplicity makes the app pretty, with its own aesthetic.