Andrew Strange

Tall? Check. Dark? Check. Handsome? Check. This week’s Campus Cutie, Andrew Strange, has got everything you’ve ever dreamed of. And more (wink). Read on ladies, read on.

Who: Andrew “Bob” Strange

House: Adams

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Concentration: Economics

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Absolutely no filter.

Favorite HUDS meal:

Without a doubt, fried chicken tenders.

What are you involved in on campus?

Umm I do AAB (Asian American Brotherhood), umm . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I guess technically Sports Marketing Club, and  . . . what else am I involved in on campus? Philanthropy.

What is your favorite Harvard memory thus far?

Strums fingers thoughtfully on table . . . I’m trying not to think of stupid, sappy stuff. Uhm, oh- carrying a girl on my shoulders during primal scream freshman fall.

Whoa. Was she wearing bottoms  . . . ?

Next question.

What do you look for in a significant other?

This is a great question. Another one that I just don’t want to sound super sappy. Honestly, athletic curves and an even chill:pull ratio.

What is this ‘chill to pull’ you speak of?

Jimmy Tatro videos- look it up.

What is your best physical trait?

My complexion that allows me to stay tan year round.

Who do you consider to be your celebrity look alike?

The wolf guy from that vampire thing.

Soo, Taylor Lautner from Twilight?

Yeah, yeah that guy!

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Wow. My girl Miley.

Describe your ideal date.

Perfect date: um, a quick trip to JP Licks and a whole lot of Netflix.

Favorite song:

Coco, Kids Bop Version

[Editors Note: Oh my god I’m dying. Link:]

Favorite movie:

Pulp Fiction

Favorite Quote:

Of everything that I’ve studied within economics at Harvard, just about the only thing that always held true is, “In the long run, we are all dead” - John Maynard Keynes.

Surprising fact about you:

I usually answer this question with 'I have a tattoo' but where I'm from they're quite common, so I don't really consider it really interesting . . . But, up to my junior season, I was one of two active South Asian Division I football players in the country.

Most exciting moment of your life:

Ahhh . . . Goes into deep thought. Rubs chin stubble while he ponders. Not getting quadded.

Most embarrassing moment of your life:

High school. In high school (laughs) the boys bathroom was full and I had a game, and I really had to go, so I went to the girls bathroom. I just said “Sorry guys, this has to happen”. And the girls were so mad at me that they got their coach to come in and kick me out.

What is your quirkiest trait?

I'm pretty nerdy and love conversations about macroecenomics and playing video games, but I'd say my biggest quirk is that I probably have OCD -- I have to keep everything in my personal space clear and orderly or else I freak out. 

At any given moment, you are most likely to be found where on campus?

Adams Sky Palace, C54 ;)