7 Shows that Do a Good Job Discussing Mental Health

The stigma against people with mental health disorders has been rampant in television since it began, however some television creators have incorporated nuanced portrayals of real diagnosis into their shows, giving more visibility to people with struggles from anxiety to Multiple Personality Disorder. 


TV Show: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Character: Rebecca

Diagnosis: Borderline Personality Disorder


TV Show: Shameless

Character: Ian

Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder with delusions


TV Show: Sherlock

Character: Sherlock

Diagnosis: High Functioning Autism


TV Show: Black-ish

Character: Rainbow

Diagnosis: Postpartum Depression



TV Show: This is Us

Character: Randall

Diagnosis: Anxiety



TV Show: The United States of Tara

Character: Tara

Diagnosis: Dissociative Identity Disorder



TV Show: Broad City

Character: Ilana

Diagnosis: Seasonal Affective Disorder