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10 Things I Learned From Not Being Allowed to Look at Screens for a Month

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Harvard chapter.

1. Everything is done online these days

Take me back to the days when homework was in books and people called each other 


2. Old people are right, we always be on our phones

Suddenly becoming that one person in a waiting room/train/cafe not looking at a screen is WILD


3. There is a finite amount of podcasts in the world

So many, yet not enough :/


4. There’s some people you only interact with online that you should really try seeing in person sometime

If ur snap streak is dead, you may as well just be too.


5. Professors will try to contact you through email, even after specifically telling them that that is something you literally cannot do

Where is snail mail when gal needs it?


6. We watch so much online content for leisure dudes!!

Imagine being home sick for a week and a half, but not having Netflix, YouTube, etc.


7. Taking two film classes in one semester is never a good idea

0 screen time + 5 missed film screenings = I am very stressed


8. Life without toxic social media is actually pretty dope

No more jealousy scrolling on the toilet for me!!


9. Magazines and graphic novels with lots of pictures pass the time well

Take me back to my middle school Manga phase lol


10. Sometimes a break from it all, even if it is forced, is good for you

We all need some time to reconnect with the physical world, amirite!!

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