Why Fighting the Freshman 15 is Important

One of the first things that comes to mind when people think of college is the infamous freshman 15. It is very common for college students to gain 10-15 lbs their first year because of the transition from having less options to readily available food at their disposal. While it is very easy to overeat in college, it is very important to stay away from using eating as an outlet for stress or other emotional problems.

Being in college has a tremendous amount of benefits, such as food being easily accessible at all times. Seeing all of the food options excites the mind and stomach of many students, and it ultimately leads to weight gain and possible health problems. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are very prevalent in minorities, and it is important to keep up with your health at all costs. It is okay to eat foods such as french fries, ice cream, and pizza. However, eating them all of the time will not benefit you in the least bit. It is essential to feed your body good things to get good things out of your body. The things that you eat and drink are reflected in your body. Drinking too many sweet drinks such as juice and soda can lead to acne, while drinking water leads to clear skin and healthy hair. Eating too many fried foods can lead to high blood pressure or high cholesterol, while eating fruits and vegetables helps build up your immune system. Every choice we makes has an effect on us, whether it is positive or negative, and it is important to think about whether the choices you make will benefit you in the long run or not.

Keeping up with your health in college and beyond is important to living a happy and longer life. Taking the time to exercise will benefit your health in amazing ways as well. This is the prime time to kick out bad habits and start making healthy lifestyle choices that will benefit you and your family. Make great choices and have a great week!