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Transitioning into a new Season: Taking care of your body

Have you started sniffling and sneezing yet? It’s time to leave the warm weather behind and grab your jackets, scarves and gloves.  As the season changes your chance of catching a cold increases. Being college students on the go, especially in this last quarter of the semester, there is no time for sickness.  Here are some easy and affordable ways to make sure you are taking care of your body during this transition.


Hit the reset button

During the warmer months we tend to get rid of all of our good eating habits and overindulge in junk and alcohol, while getting little to no sleep. As the seasons shift now is the perfect time to detox all of those unwanted toxins and start fresh.


Tip: Drinking lemon water is a great way to flush out  your system. Drink a bottle of water with about half of a lemon squeezed when you first wake up to receive all of the benefits (wait 20 minutes before eating).



Sweat it Out

Regular exercise helps keep your immune system running perfectly. Exercising increases the blood circulation in your body which means your immune system can find the illnesses before they even have a chance to make you sick.


Tip: Exercise for at least 30 minutes a week. If you absolutely hate the thought of working out, grab your friends and find fun ways to make it easier.


Cleanse The Air

Because we are inside more during the colder months, it is important to keep the air in your room clean to clear it of unwanted toxins.


Tip: If you can, invest in an air purifier but there are a ton of more affordable ways to keep the air clean around you. Other ways to cleanse the air is to use Lysol, diffuse essential oils (you can find cheap oils for allergies, coughs or colds at Walmart or Marshalls) or even put indoor plants in your room.


Wash your hands

This is pretty self explanatory, but it’s often forgotten. Wash your hands after EVERYTHING. Its officially flu season so everything you touch has a chance of it having the bacteria to keep you sick.


Tip: Keep a travel size hand sanitizer in your purse just in case!


Deandrea Chavis

Hampton U '19

Deandrea is a senior strategic communications major, area of emphasis in political science at Hampton University. She is an aspiring entertainment journalist and public relations, specialist. When she is not busy with work or school she spends her time fundraising for childhood cancer awareness and spending time with friends and family.
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