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Partying in College: How to be Safe and Secure

College is arguably the best and most interesting time of any person’s life. It is when you begin to discover who you really are, build lifelong bonds with other students, fall in and out of love multiple times, and experience some of the craziest moments that are bound to never happen again. And in college, you party. A lot. College is full of liquor-soaked memories, and some of them are good, and some of them are bad. However, as you progress through your college years, here are some things to remember when you party.


1. Always go out with friends you actually trust!

Loyal friends are super essential when you are about to get lit. You need people who you KNOW aren’t going to leave you and will help you when you fall…literally. If you’re being annoyed by a random at a party, you need a friend who is going to get you out of the situation. Having trustworthy friends who will stick by your side but also turn you up is what makes every college party great.


2. Have a designated driver (or Uber) ready!

It’s super important to have a sober friend who can drive so that no one gets behind the wheel inebriated. You and your girls might want to go to an after party off campus, or to a club, or even to get some late night food, and having a designated driver makes that so much easier. And if everyone is too lit to drive, you can call an Uber. Never drive while inebriated because you’re putting your life, your friends’ lives, and other people’s lives in danger.


3. Make sure to eat before and after!

Eating is super essential before a night out. Alcohol affects you differently on an empty stomach, and you are bound to be affected a lot quicker and more intensely if you don’t eat. Make sure to have a good meal before the turn-up. And after, once you’re partied-out, grab some food to absorb all the liquor. You’ll sleep a lot more comfortable on a full stomach. And don’t forget water to sober you up after the party is over.


4. Know your limit!

Don’t overdo it! If you want to get lit, get lit but don’t go overboard. You could end up throwing up, passing out, in the hospital, or all of the above. Turning up is fun, but it takes a nasty turn when there is too much liquor in your system. If you know how alcohol affects you based on your body size and what not, don’t try to test your limits. Drink but know when to say no to more.


5. Say no to things you aren’t comfortable with!

Not everyone in college drinks. If that isn’t something you’re not down with, don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. If your friends are real friends, they’ll accept that about you. And beyond substances that you have every right to deny, partying also comes with unwanted flirting. If someone is hitting on you and trying to get your number, you can say no. Getting yourself out of an uncomfortable situation is not wrong at all. Make sure to never give into peer pressure and first and foremost, stay true to yourself.

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