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It’s around the second week of March in the year 2020. My university has just closed, leaving me shocked, confused, and most of all, bored. In a matter of 48 hours I went from having a house full of my closest friends to being isolated in my apartment. Like many of you, I resorted to occupying my new found freetime with all of my newfound recipes from @milktpapi on twitter. 

If you haven’t watched Newt before, you are absolutely missing out. His videos are short, sweet, but thorough; and let’s not forget the range. Newt has recorded himself executing recipes ranging from ratatouille to tiramisu, to even cultural dishes such as bírria tacos and Pho. Needless to say, I was inspired, intrigued, and determined. 

I spent the first 6 weeks of Quarantine trying new, high carb, full fat recipes, and I was in heaven. They were delicious, but it showed. By the time I left my apartment for the summer, I had gained 10 pounds. I was disappointed, but not surprised in the slightest; I can’t even say if I regretted it. The food was worth it, and due to the pandemic, who was going to see me, anyway? Nobody but the mirror and my non-judgemental family members who were indulging just as much as I was. 

Nonetheless, I decided to make some small changes before big changes were necessary. Anytime I want to lose weight, I don’t really diet. I simply monitor and adjust. I reduce my carb intake to one starch per day, increase my protein, and monitor my fat intake. 

However, I have one thing that remains a constant. One thing from which I will never part, no matter the weight I put on: my coffee. 

I’ve gained and lost weight before, but this time the process of shedding my quarantine 10 was taking longer than I would have liked. I decided to examine my daily caloric intake to see what could be modified -not excluded- in order to increase my deficit. 

My mom’s voice echoed in my head, “It’s all that creamer you put in the coffee, stop drinking so much coffee. Check the label and count the calories for all the tablespoons you use.” 

I’d heard enough. 

Enter Torani Sugar Free Syrup. 

This zero calorie, zero carb, zero everything (except sugar alcohol) was nothing short of a game changer for me; and she’s versatile! Torani’s Sugar Free Syrup comes in numerous flavors, so whether you’re a caramel, hazelnut, or french vanilla girl, Torani has something for you.  This one product may be my favorite find of 2020. Since trying in July, I have gone through at least 10 bottles over the last 8 months. In the mornings, after my keurig gives me permission to be productive by brewing me a fine cup of coffee, I pour about one teaspoon of Torani’s Sugar Free, then follow up with two tablespoons of my creamer of choice. I’ve reduced my daily cup of coffee to about 50 calories, which is a dramatic difference from the 180 calories I was consuming per cup. 

And she’s  not just for coffee. 

I use my Torani Sugar Free French Vanilla Syrup as a sweetener in my oatmeal and smoothies as well. Introducing Torani Sugar Free Syrup into my daily routine has been essential in eating healthier, and in allowing me to retain my weight loss. Almost a whole year later, and I’ve been able to maintain a weight that feels comfortable without depriving myself of the caffeinated beverage that literally has me captive in a completely consensual addiction. 

In sum, I kept the coffee, cut the carbs, and it’s all thanks to Torani. 


Cheyenne Paterson is a senior English major, Strategic Communications minor studying at Hampton University from Boston, MA. She aspires to combine storytelling and an editorial style of writing to increase audience engagement and advocate for brands and corporations. Cheyenne is the Editor-In-Chief for Hampton University's Chapter of Her Campus, a regular contributor to Impressions of Beauty, and the President of the Peer Counselor's organization on campus. In her free time, Cheyenne enjoys dabbling in interior design, perfecting her homemade coffee, and baking new recipes!
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