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Janae Griffin ’18

Name: Janae Griffin

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Biology, pre-med track

Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia


HC: Drake or Meek

JG: DRAKEEEE. Meek who?

HC: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

JG: It has always been my dream to go to Paris for my honeymoon, so I would go back with my husband.

HC: Can you tell us about your trip to France this summer?

JG: France was beautiful! Everything is different there. I enjoyed every bit of the food, the language, and culture. It made me appreciate how beautiful God’s people are and the world we live in.

HC: How do you balance being a Christian while also having a “college experience?”

JG: I will be honest, it is very hard to balance being a Christian and having fun at our age. But I stay prayed up about my decisions, and even though I do make mistakes, God knows where my heart is, and learning from those mistakes draws me closer to Him.

HC: How does one deal with a Hampton Man?

JG:  When dealing with a Hampton Man, or men in general, it is always very important to remember that you cannot make a man do anything they do not want to. The only thing that keeps a man is a man who wants to be kept. The more you try to force it, the more you hurt yourself. So be confident in who you are, and you will attract a guy that is willing to be everything you want and more.

HC: What is one thing you love about your Hampton experience?

JG: Meeting new people from different places.  I appreciate those who have impacted my life negatively because I have learned from it. God does not let anything happen for no reason, but I really value those who genuinely care and are determined to meet their goals just like I am.

HC: Even though you are not in any major clubs such as SLP or SRT, how are you still making an impact on campus?

JG: I have recently become a part of Young Adults Advocating Change (YAAC). I will definitely be volunteering in any way possible through that. As far as impacting the campus outside of that, I try my best to uplift people in the best way that I can. I know that I personally have days where I feel like I won’t make it, so I make it a priority to be a positive spirit in other people’s lives. Not only does it help me to know that I helped someone else, but it also shows others that they are not alone.

HC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

JG: In five years I see myself graduating from medical school, starting my residency in pediatrics, and hopefully I will be in a strong relationship with someone, possibly discussing wedding plans.

HC: What is your life goal?

JG: My life goal is to become a successful doctor, open my own practice, and start a family.


Hello! My name is Tiara Sargeant and I am currently a sophomore at Hampton University in Virginia majoring in strategic communications with a dual minor in political science and leadership studies. My hometown is Cleveland, Ohio and I'm excited to see the direction that my city is taking. The key to my heart is cookie dough ice cream and Scandal. Upon graduating from the real HU, I hope to further my career in crisis management throughout the Washington D.C. area. Nevertheless I just want to BE GREAT and inspire other to be GREAT!
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