How to Secure the bag While taking 18 Credits

Hey Her Campus Readers! Taking 18 credits can be a DRAG but sometimes it is necessary to get where we want. Taking all of those classes can have a toll on you and your mental health and sometimes we can get overwhelmed or discouraged. This article will give you tips on how to secure the bag while taking 18 credit hours! Stay tuned for more tips and quotes from students! So, this semester I am taking 18 credit hours and honestly I was so nervous about it. I was like “ I’m not going to have time to do anything”. This is FALSE. All you have to do is balance and create a schedule for yourself. Personally, I have a planner and white board calendar. This makes it easy for me to see what meetings I have events, ,hangouts, and assignments are due. If you write everything down and keep it somewhere, there is no way you can misplace it, and it will give you satisfaction when you cross something off your list. 

I also wanted to get some perspective from current students at Hampton University who take 18 credits. Keep reading to find out their advice on how they “Secure the bag”. 

The first student I asked was Maraya Maynor, she is a Third year P1 pharmacy major from Silver Spring Maryland. 

Q: What made you decide to take 18 credit hours? 

A: “ I have a goal to accomplish! It is my dream to become a pharmacist in six years, and Ive decided to be apart of the six year program, instead of seven. As a result, the credit hours each semester are more intense. When you have a goal, you don’t give up no matter what! 

Q: How do you mangage to still “secure the bag” while taking 18 credits? 

A: “I pray all the time and my mom always says “if you are going to pray about it, dont worry about it”. I know I have to stay focused and just get the job done.I learn to stay positive at all times as well. “

The Second student I asked was Eva Davis a Junior Cellular Molecular Biology Major from Fayetteville, NC. 

Q: What  made you decide to take 18 credit hours? 

A:  I decided to take 18 credit hours because there were certain courses I was not willing to wait on or push back. I wanted to take the course I was set on taking and that was that. If it meant over 17 credits then so be it. (We love the energy) 

Q: How do you manage to still “secure the bag” while taking 18 credits? 

A: Time management is key when it comes to “secure the bag “.I try to put myself on schedule and continue to adhere to it throughout the semester. And I put “me time” on my schedule too. And I don’t mean a face mask or a new set. I mean actually taking time for myself whether it be through yoga or meditation. 

Overall, do not be worried to take 18 credits, you can take it as a challenge. As strong women we always find a way to “secure the bag”.