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How Dyeing Your Hair Can Be Significant

Since 2020 has begun I’ve made it my year to challenge my appearance. I hate being boring and I love being original. 

The way I express myself is odd. I do it through my hair. You can always tell what I’m going through by the state, color, or style of my hair. But one thing, in particular, I’ve been doing since the beginning of the year is dying my hair.

It is truly significant. When you step out of your comfort zone and try something new with your hair you will be amazed. Will you get a lot more attention? Yes. But if you are happy with yourself that’s all that matters. Since 6th grade, I’ve been dabbling in dyes but it was always blonde or brown. Something that I could “still get a job” with. Whatever that means lol.

But this year I made my New Year’s resolution to dye my hair a different color every month. January I dyed it pink! I was so nervous but every member of my family loved it. Even though the dyes are just temporary they were still fun to experiment with. Also, I felt less attached to the color due to it being temporary.

And the last 2 weeks in January I dyed it purple! I looked so cute and I felt like I stood out from the crowd. It showed my spunky side and how I’m not afraid to experiment! 

Then when February came I missed the pink so much I dyed it again.  Now it is fading but the color it left was perfect for Valentine’s Day 

I encourage everyone to experiment with temporary dyes. It can change your whole attitude and perspective on life! 


Blogger, Influencer, fashionista, and writer from Atlanta, Georgia! Hampton university 2023! First Year Journalism student Subscribe to my Youtube Channel : youtube.com/c/MyeshiaFlawless
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