Homecoming SZN: 5 Tips On How To Have Fun During Homecoming

#1 Know What You’re Wearing

In light of homecoming, fashion is the number one contender. Having the best outfits despite what may happen will lift your spirits no matter what. Make sure to buy your outfits according to the events you want to attend. Showing up to an event well dressed and stylish can create the opportunity to meet new people. Besides homecoming being a lit fest, it’s also a big fashion show. You want to make sure you’re the baddest on this runway.



#2 Make Sure Plans Are Set In Stone

Make sure you purchase your tickets for events in advance because you don’t want to wing it and end up not having any plans at all. Making sure that your plans happen accordingly is a plus and it guarantees that you’ll have a successful homecoming week.


#3 Do You Have Money?

You can’t enjoy homecoming with no money. Make sure you have money for Ubers, Lyft's, drinks and food to actually get lit. You can’t fully enjoy homecoming if your pockets are empty. Money is the biggest key for homecoming. So, it’s time to stack up those coins and guarantee yourself a lit homecoming. Work those extra shifts or call your family members to get some extra cash.


#4 Are Your Friends Really Your Friends?

Homecoming is not the only season of littyness but it’s the season for flakiness. Be mindful of the company you keep. During homecoming it’s very common for people to start acting flakey. Your friends probably had some moves to pregame and didn’t tell you, and now you’re sitting there looking stupid. Most importantly, while at a party, they might turn around and leave you without telling you. Finding out people’s true colors during the time of turning up is never fun. Just be mindful.


#5 Don’t Stress and Have Fun

No matter what happens, make sure you have fun. Homecoming is about letting loose and forgetting about all the hardships that may have occurred in the previous weeks. If you not having fun, wyd?