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How I De-stress During Wellness Days

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Welcome back my HerCampus readers! To those coming back from last semester I hope you were able to enjoy your summer break, and came back ready to knock out yet another semester. For all of my fellow seniors I can’t believe we’re almost done. I don’t know about you, but I definitely can’t wait to walk across that stage and receive my degree. Although graduating is an important topic that’s not what we’re getting into today. Now without further ado let’s get into the main topic. 

What is Wellness Day? Wellness Day in general is a dedicated period of time, typically a full or partial day , that focuses on prioritizing overall well-being and self-care. It provides individuals with the opportunity to step away from their daily routines, work-related stress, and other responsibilities to engage in activities that enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health. A Wellness Day may include a wide range of practices, such as exercise, meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating, and relaxation. All of these are aimed at rejuvenating the body and mind. For Hampton University students our first Wellness Day of the year was on October 9th and here is a break down on how I de-stressed during my Wellness Day. 

I didn’t have a regular one day Wellness Day this year. I decided to extended my Wellness Day across the entire weekend. This is because midterms are coming up and I knew that I would need a little extra time to prep myself for the stressful week ahead. Starting off on Friday after my class I visited my favorite spot on campus Marine Point. This has become a popular spot on campus because it has been recently remodeled with little gazebos. This is my favorite spot to go and relax because in my opinion it has a very nice view of the Hampton River. For my sunset lovers, this is another good spot other than the waterfront that gives you the best views of watching sunsets. On Saturday I went to the football game on campus to support our team along with my cheer sisters. I love watching sports games so I would classify this as doing something I enjoy rather than relaxing.

Another activity that I enjoyed on Saturday was going fishing. Fishing has recently became one of my favorite hobbies to do to relax. I love animals and trying new things so this allowed me to enjoy the best of both worlds. Sunday was the day that I caught up on any class work that I may have put off for the weekend or needed to accomplish for the following week. On Monday during our actual Wellness Day I stayed in bed and slept the majority of the day. As simple and boring as it may sound, not having to get up and go to classes was enough for me to destress. In my opinion that was the best way to top off my Wellness Day weekend. 

Essentially I feel that Wellness Day is a great way to help students destress. A Wellness Day serves as a vital reminder that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity, and by embracing such practices regularly, individuals can lead a more fulfilling life. It encourages us to take a step back, and make a commitment to prioritize self-care in the midst of our busy lives.

Dania Flint

Hampton U '24

Dania Flint is a graduating senior, Political Science major on the PreLaw track from Athens, Georgia who attends Hampton University. Some of her passions include dancing, reading, journaling, and spending time with family and friends.