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Hampton Man Crush: Roman Elmore

This week’s Hampton Man Crush is Roman Elmore, a first-year Political Science major from Atlanta, Georgia! Not only is Roman a student-athlete that plays tennis for Hampton University, he is also a gifted piano player that has been playing for 11 years! Keep reading to know what our Man Crush shared with us this week!

HC: What was life like for you back home in Atlanta?

RE: Back in Atlanta my life was adventurous, very adventurous. I’d go from playing outside, to going to the city, to playing with bb guns in the backyard, to going to Lenox mall and just doing different things around the city.


HC: Why did you decide to attend Hampton University?

RE: Well first, my dad is an alumnus here and I did some more research after I got accepted and I realized that they had a great music and business program, as well as a strong reputation for their tennis team, which is very important to me.


HC: What has your tenure at Hampton taught you? Do you feel like you’ve matured while you’ve been here?

RE: I’ve definitely matured since I’ve been here. Being here has taught me time management most of all, and more time to rely on God, especially when I’m by myself. I’ve also learned how to become more comfortable with being by myself.

HC: Who is your biggest motivator?

RE: My mom, definitely. She motivates me through not only music and through my athletics here, but through business as well. Socially, she gets me through any issues I have, and she calls and checks up on me. She’s my prayer warrior.


HC: What’s your relationship status? Have you found anyone that interests you?

RE: Have I found anyone that interests me? A couple, maybe. I don’t want to say something and they see this and they’re like “ahhh”, but right now let’s go with I don’t know.


HC: Where do you see yourself after graduation?

RE: I see myself working at a successful corporation as the Executive of talent management and marketing. I also see myself continuing to be in a jazz band on the side as a nice, relaxing hobby.

HC: If you could meet anyone in the world right now, dead or alive, who would it be?

RE: Definitely Michael Jackson because the man can dance, come on now. I just want to see him dance live. He just seems and sounds like the coolest person ever to me, nice and soft-spoken and just a real straight to the point kind of guy.


HC: What’s the first thing you see in a girl you find attractive?

RE: First thing I look at is her teeth. A beautiful smile and straight teeth go a long way for me.


HC: What is it like being surrounded by so many women compared to the number of men here?

RE: When I first arrived at Hampton University and my dad told me the ratio, I honestly did not believe him. When I started going to classes and being in Hampton’s atmosphere, it was kind of overwhelming in a sense because it’s just so many beautiful black women here, like Cashara, and it’s great to be around such a great atmosphere.


HC: Do you plan on having a girlfriend anytime soon?

RE: You know, at first when I came here and I realized how many women were here I was like I’m never going to get a girlfriend, but now that I’ve been here I’m not opposed to it at all. I’m just waiting for the right one to come around, I’m not putting a time limit on when I should be in a relationship.


Be sure to follow Roman on social media!

Instagram: Roman_elmore

Snapchat: Roman_elmore

Twitter: Pianoboyroman



Cashara Quinn

Hampton U '21

Cashara is a graduating senior Journalism major, Spanish minor from Chesapeake, Virginia. She will be a news producer at WFTX Fox 4 upon graduation. Her hobbies include playing the violin, dancing, and fashion. As Cashara continues to build her resume, she hopes to inspire young girls to work hard to achieve their goals and believes that anything is possible through Christ.
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