Hampton Man Crush: Phillip Flanagan

This week’s Hampton Man Crush is Phillip Flanagan, a junior Marketing major from Chicago, Illinois! Let’s see what makes this Hampton man so special!


HC: What made you decide to attend Hampton University? Was it your first choice?

PF: Hampton wasn’t my first choice school, but it was for sure my second. One thing that attracted me here was its prestigious Business school. As an incoming freshman who planned on majoring in Marketing, I wanted to attend a school I felt would help shape me into the young businessman that I strive to be. I also had already knew a lot of Hampton Alumni and current students and they all had very positive things to say about the school.


HC: What or who motivates you?

PF: The people who motivate me the most are my parents. Whenever I feel unmotivated and or discouraged, I think about how much my parents had to sacrifice to put me in a position to succeed in life. They done so much for me to be where I’m at today and I owe it to them to work hard and be successful.


HC: Is there anything about yourself that you want to change or improve on?

PF: One thing I would like to improve on is my time management. It can be rough out here when you have all these responsibilities, sometimes I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I feel like good time management skills are essential to success.


HC: What do you look for in a significant other?

PF: I like a woman who has a strong sense of self-love and independence. A woman who treats others how she would want to be treated, and who is not afraid to match my energy and effort in the relationship.


HC: Could you see yourself being married in the next 5 years?

PF: I’m not sure, I guess anything is possible. It really depends on where I’m at career wise. Before I get married, I need to make sure that I’m financially stable enough to support and provide for my family. Whether this takes 5 years or more depends on how quick I reach my individual goals.


HC: What are your passions?

PF: Making music is my passion, it’s just what I love to do. I’m a producer, and I make Hip-Hop and R&B beats. I have a song that I produced on Itunes right now titled “Waste No Time” by an up and coming artist named KaEL, and I’m currently working on an album with him.


HC: What do you plan to do upon graduation?

PF: I plan to continue making music while emerging myself further into the music industry. I also plan to get a job in advertising or branding for preferably a music label, such as Atlantic Records or Interscope. I currently also run a business right now with my investment group that deals in the Foreign Exchange market. I plan to continue this business when I graduate.


HC: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

PF: My favorite thing to do in my free time varies from making music, cooking and studying the Foreign Exchange market. I try to stay busy regardless with things that interest me and or will better my life and the lives of those around me. I also like to play basketball and workout.

HC: What’s your biggest pet peeve and why?

PF: My biggest pet peeve is when people try to place their negative attitudes or expectations on me. I have a “the sky's the limit” attitude, and just because you don’t believe something is possible does not mean I have confine to that.


HC: If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

PF: One thing I would like to change in this world is people’s mindset towards understanding others. I feel that a lot of the world’s societal issues are caused by people’s unwillingness to try to understand one another. If people took the time out to try to understand other people and see things from their perspective, I truly feel that a lot of conflict could be avoided.


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