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Okay ladies get a glass of water because the thirst is real this week; our Hampton Man Crush is Julian Primus. He’s the laidback friend that you may not have noticed. He’s a senior 4th year 5-year architect major from Columbia, South Carolina. He is also a Spring 2017 initiate of Omega Psi Phi. Want to find out is the Bruh is wholesome? Keep reading to find out!

Age: 22

Height: 6’3

Weight: 199 lbs

Zodiac: Sagittarius


HC: Do you have any special hobbies?

JP: I write and record music. Rap, I wish I could sing and I hoop.


HC: A cups or D cups?

JP: D’s all the way.


HC: Worst characteristic about yourself?

JP: I’m bad at making plans, I’ll say I can do something and forget I already made plans. I have to use my calendar more.


HC: What moment are you most proud of?

JP: Graduating high school. My family is really spread apart, and everyone came to celebrate with me. I was able to bring all of them together.


HC: Who do you look up to the most?

JP: Its actually 4 people. My Dad, my Uncle, my cousin who’s like my older brother, and my Uncle who passed away when I was in the 7th grade. Their teachings and morals made me who I am.


HC: Why did you decide to major in architecture?

JP: I fell in love with it when I was young. When I was in the 5th grade we took an aptitude test. It showed that I was more in tune with design and architecture. Its corny but I used to play The Sims where you could design their cribs and I loved it.

HC: What do you want to do after you graduate?

JP: After I get my architect license I want to go back design and build youth/ recreation centers that got torn down. Kind of like the ones I used to go to as a kid. I just want to build more of them.


HC: Single? Taken? It’s complicated?

JP: Ooo…sheesh. I plead the 5th.


HC: Most important social issue to you and why?

JP: My mom has a Homeless Feeding Ministry. I’ve known them since I was 6 years old, I know their stories and know them as people. Columbia tried to pass a bill that would make it harder for the homeless to find shelter. My mom’s ministry did a feeding protest. At a park downtown we fed every homeless person, Now she has her own ministry building downtown. They aren’t a problem they’re just looking for a place to stay. 


HC: Celeb crush?

JP: At the top always and forever, Megan Good.  Zandaya and Jhene Aiko are top 3.


HC: You see a girl you like and approach her, what can she do that would make you lose interest immediately?

JP: Nothing really off rip but if she’s really loud, and yelling, like “OHH MY GOD!”


HC: Shower? Kitchen counter? Bedroom?

JP: Probably, the kitchen. Because, when we get home BOOM start going at it, the first place is the kitchen.


HC: Thumb in the butt?

JP: Definitely. *Licks lips*


HC: Giver or receiver?

JP: Giver, everybody isn’t built the same. I’m just a generous person. As the man you’re not supposed to ask for too much, you’re supposed to be the provider at the end of the day.


HC: Most memorable moment at Hampton?

JP: My freshman year Homecoming, that s*#@ was lit!


HC: How do you think Hampton has changed?

JP: I feel like Hampton isn’t what it used to be, the changes in class, and people that cross. It isn’t more negative or positive its stagnant.


We highly recommend you follow Julian on Instagram. We’ll leave that there just in case you want to just say hey, or you know shoot your shot! lol

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