Greek of the Week: Trayquan Walton

This week’s Greek of the Week is Trayquan Walton, a fourth year architecture major from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a Spring 2018 initiate of the Gamma Iota chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, inc. You might see him at 12-2 working a table for one of the several organizations he’s in, strolling with his brothers or just chilling on campus with his friends. Either way his friendly face is for sure recognizable. He is involved in AIAS, NOMAS, NAACP, North Carolina PAC and currently serves as the director of Mens caucus. His favorite music is gospel and rap. He also likes to draw, spend quality time with his friends and eat. Alpha Phi Alpha is known for containing some distinguished men and Trayquan is most definitely one of them. To find out more keep reading!


HC: Why did you come to Hampton University?

TW: Hampton wasn’t actually my choice. I wanted to go to NC State, but there was an issue with the way I applied. I wanted to go for architecture but the way they do theirs you can apply for architecture and engineering. I didn’t want to do engineering and I didn’t have the prerequisites for it, but I could get into architecture. I was told to reapply and then I could get accepted but by the time I knew that I had already got accepted to Hampton and they gave me money. It’s a five year master program so...yeah.


HC: What were your worst and best experiences in your four years at Hampton?

TW: My worst experience was...probably almost getting in trouble with the police my sophomore year. It was lit one night in the harbs and I was under 21 and the police came and shut the party down. I was one of them people who almost got caught. I was so nervous. Luckily I didn’t have my ID. The best experience was doing BOTS. The reason why it was a good experience was because BOTS really connected me to a lot of people. That’s where most of my friends are from actually and I still have good relationships with them. If I would’ve never did that I don’t think I would have as many relationships with as many people so I think that’s the best experience I’ve had here.

HC: This is Greek of the Week, so why did you choose Alpha Phi Alpha?

TW: It’s the first. When I first came to school I really didn’t know much about greek life and I saw the way they moved on campus. I seen it before because my sister went here and I was like, “oh they lit.” When I actually got here I seen how they were running in social life, politics and academics. They’re on top of everything so I’m like these are the type of guys I want to be with. I look at the history, all the people who were Alphas and I wanted to be apart of something as great as this. I also saw how brotherly they were and growing up I didn’t have that many people who had my back. No matter where I go I have someone who has my back.


HC: That leads into the next question, what are some of the other social changes after crossing Alpha?

TW: You meet more people. It’s easier to meet people like...really easy. It’s like people feel like they can just come up to me now. Before I had crossed I was told that It was going to be like an instant change. I didn’t believe him but when it happened it was like woooooooowww. My phone stayed dead for like two months, I could never keep it charged. I’m not that type of person that likes to be on the scene a whole but it’s kind of something I can’t get away from. As far as girls, it’s kind of weird because they act different. Before you didn’t want to talk to me but now… I’m not the type of person to be like, “Now you want to talk to me, now i’m going to talk to you.” I’m not trying to be mean, but I never think I’m above someone. Sometimes  people try to put me on a pedestal and you have to carry yourself a certain way, which I understand. When they think, “Oh I can talk to you now,” well why couldn’t you talk to me before.

HC: Since this week’s theme is “All things fall” what is on your thanksgiving plate?

TW: Well, I’m going to tell you I just like food. I love my Aunt’s chicken and broccoli casserole, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and my mom’s meatloaf.


HC: It’s cuffing season are you single?

TW: I am single.


HC: What do you look for in a female and what’s your type?

TW: Honestly, a female that has something going on for herself. Yeah, looks matter of course, but I want to be able to connect with a female on an intimate level. If you can’t hold a conversation it’s like eh. I need somebody I can grow with in all aspects. They gotta be open-minded too.


HC: What are your plans after graduation?

TW: I haven't decided yet because school is stressful right now, but I want to do two more years either in Florida or Minnesota. Both programs you go to school and you study for your exams to get licensed. You're also working and you use what you just learned so you're really getting a hands-on experience. You do that for two years and you get your second masters but I’m not really doing it for my second masters. It gives me the experience I need to get my license. But my overall goal is to do commercial design so I’ll also be able to do residential.

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