Greek of The Week: Brianna Cry

Meet this week’s Greek, Brianna Cry! Brianna is currently a sophomore Kinesiology major from Jackson, Mississippi. She is a recent spring 2019 initiate into the Gamma Theta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. Also, she is a member of the Freddye T. Davy Honors College, Women’s Caucus, and the executive assistant to the Student Representative of the Board of Trustees all while remaining on the Dean’s List. If you are not sure why this beautiful face looks so familiar I must remind you that she made a guest appearance on Ellen (yes, Ellen as in Ellen DeGeneres) back in December. Interesting right? Well, keep reading to learn more about this pretty lady.


HC: What made you choose AKA?

Bri: I wanted to become a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated because I am very passionate about the sorority’s principles and values. I wanted to fulfill my purpose of serving others while being surrounded by like minded women who would always be there to love and support me. I also admire how it is the first African-American sorority.


HC: What is your favorite part of being in a sorority so far?

Bri: My favorite parts about being in a sorority are the service and sisterhood! I am very passionate about serving others and I’m committed to dedicating the rest of my life to service. I also love my sisters. We constantly uplift each other and push each other to fulfill our potentials. I know I’ll always have someone to lean on and support me in all of my endeavors.

HC: Do you think joining Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated has changed you?

Bri: Becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha has definitely changed me and turned me into a stronger person. I am more confident in myself and capabilities. I have also become a more selfless person and have developed an even deeper passion for serving others.


HC: Why did you choose Hampton?

Bri: All my family members attended HBCUs, so I was introduced to them at a young age. When it was time to apply for schools I knew I wanted to go to one. After applying early I was invited to their Honors Visitation Weekend where I instantly fell in love with the campus and its family environment. The summer after I went to precollege I fell in love with the school even more!


HC: Who would you consider your biggest role model and why?

Bri: My biggest role models are my grandparents. I’ve lived with my grandparents my entire life. They have raised me and provided me with everything I’ve ever needed or wanted. They’ve also instilled in me the importance of self love and serving others. I really aspire to be more like them because they are very strong people and constantly do great things for others regardless of what’s going on in their personal lives.

HC: Did you learn anything about yourself along this journey?

Bri: Yes, I learned that I am capable of anything I put my mind to and that it is okay to not be okay sometimes.


HC: What are your long-term career goals?

Bri: My long-term career goals is to become a neurological physical therapist which is someone who works with individuals who have mobility problems due to disease or injuries of the nervous system.


HC: Describe how you felt on the day of your probate.

Bri: I was so excited because something I’ve wanted all my life was finally coming true.


HC: What are your plans for the summer?

Bri: This summer I plan on traveling within the states and maybe going a few places out the country. Also I plan to work at a physical therapy clinic back home.


HC: What is something or someone you can’t live without?

Bri: Crab legs and movies.