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Fabulous Freshman: Rhyann Sampson

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

This week’s fabulous Freshman goes to Rhyann Sampson. Rhyann is a first year Journalism major from Fort Worth, Texas. She plans to go into Broadcast Journalism either the radio or television industry working behind the scenes. She currently is apart of Hampton’s Radio station WHOV 88.1 doing shadowing, and hopes to be apart of Hampton’s WHOV TV as well. Rhyann is a fashionable, caring and unique individual who loves to draw in her free time. Keep reading to hear more about Rhyann in her interview with Her Campus!


HC: What made you choose an HBCU?

RS: My brother actually is a junior at Tuskegee. I visited him at college a lot, so I really got a taste of what the HBCU culture was like. Ever since then, I always wanted to go to an HBCU. It was just a matter of which one suited me the most with my major. I wanted to be around other like minded black people like myself who have goals and ambitions too. That’s why I chose Hampton.


HC: How was your transition from Texas to Virginia?

RS: It was surprisingly easy being away from home. I haven’t got homesick yet. The only problem was getting accustomed to the culture. I was raised in the suburbs where there were people who didn’t really look like me, so it was a bit of a culture shock.



HC: What did you do during hurricane Florence?

RS: Going back home next day is a luxury, so fortunately I have a cousin who lives near Buckroe Beach. I stayed with her during the evacuation break. Being by the beach wasn’t the best choice but luckily the storm went the other way.


HC: You are always looking amazing. How would you describe your style?

RS: Feminine but with a twist. I like wearing dresses, pants, and skirts with colors. I like wearing and mixing patterns too.



HC: Who are your top 3 favorite artist right now?

RS: This is such a hard question. Tyler the Creator. His old stuff was like you couldn’t even describe his style of music to anyone. It was just good.  He was just really into his craft and I like that about music artists. Second person, Prince, obviously. No one’s gonna know this last one but, this band called the Alabama Shakes. If you don’t know who Alabama Shakes are, you should look them up. They are really good.


HC: What type of parties do you prefer going to?

RS: I like smaller type parties like kickbacks. I find those the most fun, because you connect more with the people there versus big parties where you just stand around and dance.


HC: If you could go to any concert for free, whose concert would you attend?

RS: Frank Ocean. Just because I know he never goes out into public anymore, and all of his concerts are so exclusive.



HC: Who is your celebrity inspiration?

RS: Tracee Ellis Ross. I love her with all my heart! She’s so dope! We kinda have the same type of style too.


HC: Lastly, what do you like most about Hampton?

RS: I love the people here. Lemme tell you something! I’ve never met so many creative people who are willing to collaborate with others. There is no sense of jealousy or competition. Everyone here has like their own thing and their passionate about it. They make me want to find something I’m good at and perfect it.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know our fabulous freshman of the week, Rhyann Sampson. To keep up more with Rhyann, follow her on instagram at @rhyannisntcool.

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