Coping Can Be A “Trip”! With Jhene Aiko

(Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash)

Jhene Aiko’s second studio album “Trip” was released September 2017 and it paralleled the cycle that we go through when attempting to cope with situations. Particularly, the album’s “ups” and “downs” painted a flow of emotions, as Aiko showed how she coped with various spouts of depression, and the death of her brother. Between the lines of her lyrics, there are lessons to be learned about coping and important coping mechanisms. Here are a few ways, via Jhene, that can help you cope.

“Now breathe. Breathe through it. Be still. Breathe through it. Be here.”

Psilocybin (Love in Full Effect), Jhene Aiko ft. Dr.Chill


One of the most important tips is to breathe. Just breathe. When we become overwhelmed from coping with anything (depression, anxiety, death, etc.) our mind becomes swarmed with thoughts that we forget things that we deem trivial can become the thing that we need the most. For example, breathing is an involuntary action, but when we become overwhelmed our first instinct is to stop breathing. Well, start breathing. Breathe through your problems and issues. We are not a natural being have a tough experience, but a tough being having a natural experience.

“Most of us are strangely more alike than we like to believe.”

When We Love, Jhene Aiko


Whether it be depression or anxiety, sometimes we feel like we’re the only one going through our problems. You are not alone! If you are going through it, just know, that there is someone...somewhere...who has been through your situation too. It is important to never forget that many other people experience depression and anxiety alike!

“Who's gonna hold my hand when I’m crashing?”

Overstimulated, Jhene Aiko


Always seek help, if needed! In this song, Jhene realizes that mentally she has “overdone” it. She’s mentally, physically, and emotionally strained and wondering who can help. When dealing with depression, there are times when we do not want to reach out for help because we may be afraid of judgment, or that there will be no way to fix the problem. Anything is worth a try! Speaking from experience, there are always people that can help you cope with what you’re going through.

“Since I was under the age, I’ve been under the influence of pain”

Nobody, Jhene Aiko


Pain knows no age, no ethnicity, no culture, or any specifics. We experience types of pain (physically, mentally, and emotionally) from the time that we’re children until we become adults. Pain will come, but the pain does not define us. We are defined by how we handle what we go through.

“Turn the music up to keep from crying….”

Trip, Jhene Aiko ft. Mali Music


Crying is a release and even the strongest people have to release. Don’t let the tears convince you that you’re weak and do not let them convince you to be disappointed in yourself. I truly believe that tears are the final physical release. Think of it like this, once you cry, it’s finally almost over!

“What do you do it for? What are you running for? What are you running towards?”

Ascension, Jhene Aiko ft. Brandy


Remember that there is always an ultimate goal and outcome to every situation. Decide what outcome you want from what you’re going through (whether that be just to get through it or not) and keep that in mind. Take time to take in life and every moment of your trials, so you can bask in every moment of your success.

Cope smartly. Cope directly. Cope efficiently.

You can do it!