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3 Things To Know About A Divine Nine Greek

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Most people come to college aspiring to reach Greekdom to carry on their parent’s legacies or start their own. The stitched letter shirts, strolls, and popularity all seems very glamorous. Yet, there is a side that many do not see. These are my confessions as a NPHC, aka Divine Nine, Greek at Hampton University.

1. Greeks Are Regular People

People have a really bad habit of putting Greeks on a pedestal. And yes, many Greeks get a big head and put themselves on that pedestal. It’s almost as if this pedestal is etched with golden letters saying “Godly,” which is purely wild. Just because you are now in a Greek organization does not mean you transcend human form and become Jesus Christ Superstar. This goes into the whole factor of “your letters should not make you.” However, without knowing, we often perpetuate the narrative that people are only defined by their Greek org. I remember my friends told me they overheard a girl in class saying, “Oh, you know Victoria the Delta?” The solution to this problem is for Greeks to humble themselves as a whole, and continue to be the down-to-earth people that you were before you crossed. For those who are non-Greek, don’t put Greeks on a pedestal — remember that they are broke and hungry college students just like you.

2. Your Business Is Not Your Business

As mentioned before, your popularity level can increase once becoming Greek because you are now more in the public eye. Yet, with this popularity comes the sharp pain of people consistently being in your business. I was already a very social person before Delta, and definitely had my share of hearing things about myself that I had no clue about. Once, I got those letters on my chest, it amplified. People are constantly watching your every move. My line sister had a person come up to a guy she was involved with, telling him something totally untrue and random about my line sister. Neither she or the guy knew this person. A prime example of people knowing true or untrue business about you, and you have never seen them a day in your life. A solution to this and a message for the world: Everybody mind your business and keep yourself busy, so you don’t have time be concerned with others!

3. It’s More Than Strolling & Pictures Doing Numbers On Insta

I watched my mother give her blood, sweat, and tears to Delta all my life. I knew that I was going to work once I got involved in Delta, and I was ready for that! Greek life isn’t just strolling around at the party or attending Happy Hour with the other Greeks. You actually need to do the work your founders intended to be done. I was hip to the work and ready to accept it, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get tired. First semester, my roommates barely saw me. From juggling night classes, dance rehearsals, other club meetings, and Delta, ya girl was worn out! In addition to being involved with your organization on campus, there is also the aspect of being involved regionally and nationally. The work never stops!

Despite the awkward encounters with people trying to make you a god or watching your every move like a hawk, I enjoy Greek life! I continue to strive to be a hard worker and even better leader. I have 49 blessings that I get to call my line sisters, and I love them dearly. I have learned that sisterhood and work are not easy, but it’s worth it.

This post was originally published on March 25, 2018.

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