Campus Cutie: Patrice Brown

This weeks campus cutie is Patrice Brown, a sophomore Strategic Communications major from Brooklyn, New York. This lovely lady is a ball of sunshine and is involved in multiple organizations on campus including WHOV TV where she holds the position of an anchor. She is also a member of Campus Plus, volunteers in the dean’s office and owns her own catering company called The Chocolate Angel LLC. Lastly, she is working on her YouTube channel, Patrice Eleah, that focuses on college life. Be on the lookout for this cutie, as she is ready to conquer anything that comes her way.


HC: What or who motivates you the most?

Patrice: My mom motivates me the most because her health has been a major issue throughout my younger adult life and I just want to make her proud before anything major happens you can say.


HC: What are your aspirations in life?

Patrice: I aspire to be a producer/director of multiple TV shows or films. I also want to be a business woman and own property. Expanding my catering company is also something I plan to do. One day I hope to have a fragrance line.

HC: Why is Brooklyn the best borough in New York?

Patrice: Haha! Brooklyn is the best because it’s a melting pot of different, diverse cultures, religions, and personalities. You get to express yourself and be open minded. You can see different cultures and use things on your own life. It really just a whole little world in itself.


HC: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Patrice: Yeah I would have to say my mom for this one too because she is probably the strongest woman that i know.


HC: What do you like to do on your free time?

Patrice: I like cooking, making youtube videos and editing, also doing make up is fun and writing poetry.


HC: What are your favs on netflix currently?

Patrice: I love the series of unfortunate events, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, jane the virgin, greys anatomy. I just started “You” it’s good so far.


HC: Who is your favorite artist?

Patrice: Oh wow I don’t know! Thats a hard one, but I would say Lena Wilson she’s a jazz artist. Oh and Nina Simone.


HC: Describe your personality in three words.

Patrice: Bold, ambitious, and bright


HC: What do you look for in a partner?

Patrice: I like someone that has motivating and has goals and doesn’t let no stop them. You also must have a sense of humor. Life has its ups and downs you can’t always be down about it. You have to know how to have a good time. Oh! And honesty is also key.


HC: Team Cardi or Team Nicki?

Patrice: I am team Nicki but I loveee Cardi. But yeah I am going to have to be team nicki all the way if it has to come down to it

HC: Is there anything you would like to tell us about your upcoming company?

Patrice: Yes! The Chocolate Angel LLC is still in the works of coming on to the big scene. However we do house calls, we come to you and take care of everything. We will start taking regular orders really soon.