Campus Cutie: Deja Bingenheimer

Although she stands only 5’1, with her huge hair, poppin curls and big personality, it’s hard to miss this cutie on campus! This week’s Campus Cutie is Deja Bingenheimer, a Junior, Marketing Major from Atlanta, Georgia. She is involved in a plethora of organizations on campus and has an exciting life ahead of her!


HC: Who motivates you to be your best self?

DB: My sisters motivate me. I have two younger sisters; One is in middle school and the other is in high school. They always look up to me to know what to do next, because i’ve already been through what they’re going through. I really try my best to set a good example for them and keep going because I know that they are watching me.


HC: If you could give your freshman self advice, what would it be and why?

DB: I would tell myself not to be so pressed to be involved right now. I literally was stressed the second week of school because I wasn’t involved in anything. I should have just sat there and enjoyed those days because now I’m involved in a lot of things and I don’t have a lot of time for myself, so I should have just paid attention to myself and enjoyed my freshman year instead of worrying.

HC: Describe your style.

DB: I would say that my style is diverse because some days I really look simple because I just want to go to class, but some days I really want to pop out.  It really just depends on my mood and the occasion- but diverse for sure!


HC: What are 4 essentials (beauty, skin care, fashion, hair) every girl should have?


  • Hair- ABSOLUTELY a hair tie! My friends are always asking me for a hair tie. You never know when you’re going to need it.

  • Face-  Travel size makeup wipes just in case because you never know what’s going on.

  • Fashion- strappy black heels because you can dress them up with a nice dress or look cute for a date night with heels and jeans. You can wear them anywhere!

  • Beauty- Mascara. Even if you look done for the day, if you put on mascara, you’ll automatically look awake.


HC: What’s on your favorite music playlist right now?

DB: Amber Alert by Bali Baby, Money by Cardi B and Gimme my respect by Lil Yachty


HC: How would you describe your perfect date? Are you single?

DB: First we have to do something fun; I want to go to an arcade or go-karting because i’m really competitive and I think that would be fun, and it’s an easy way to loosen up. After, we would go get ice cream because I love ice cream so much


HC: I noticed that you are into astrology. Why is knowing your birth chart important and what’s your zodiac sign?

DB: I am a scorpio sun, aries moon, cancer rising. It’s important to know your birth chart because everyone is so different and unique, and you can use your birth chart to understand different people. Honestly, if you really want to get to know someone, knowing their birth chart is the easiest way.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

DB: I’ll be 25 in 5 years. I would have graduated from Hampton University, I will have my MBA and I want to be in Atlanta working in the entertainment or sports industry for marketing and social media.


HC: Give 3 adjectives to describe yourself and why?


  • Ambitious- I’m always going after everything that I want no matter what

  • Reliable- always there for my friends and I’m there for them through anything (shout out to the big 3).

  • Open-Minded: I accept people for who they are and that’s all I want from people in return.


HC: How are you involved on campus?

DB: I am in the Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership Training Program, Homecoming Committee - I was the unveiling chair this year, Treasurer of the American Marketing Association and the Program Coordinator for the Industry Scholar Program.


HC: How can people find you on social media?

  • Instagram: @glazed.dej

  • Twitter :@_dejaaab